“I’ll be back!” said Neon to the World.

Ph: Ioana Enescu. In caz ca ati uitat vara lui 2012 si, partial, vara lui 2013 ei bine, va reamintesc cum au stat lucrurile: treaba a fost excentrica: partial un trip LSD, partial o scena din Back to the future. Dar preoponderent cool. Daca ati ales sa stati pe tusa cu trendul neon, asa cum…… Continue reading “I’ll be back!” said Neon to the World.

Those What iWores

You know how the saying: “Shooting days go by, but selfies stay forever”? Which is true in more cases than none and you can’t beat such logic. So since, there’s nothing better than documenting your own outfits, I recently started doing just that. Here’s  a small sample of it, but since I wear clothes every day, the…… Continue reading Those What iWores

In-between Weather, I <3 You

All photos Ioana Enescu. It’s almost annoying to be reminded that little over a month ago it was blizard-ing the hell out of us and now look, shorts, T-shirts, silk dresses! That aside, I’m embracing, even for a short while, this in-between weather that allows you to wear shorts and boots, like in those lovely…… Continue reading In-between Weather, I ❤ You

Someone Else’s Good Fortune

Dear ones, thank you all for sharing your music. Thank you to all the soundcloud people for setting me up for days with great tunes, your music is one foxy lady and I wouldn’t mind getting your suggestions in the comments section every day, so don’t let this ending be a downer. That being said,…… Continue reading Someone Else’s Good Fortune

Music Is My Aeroplane

As usual, pics by the talented Ioana Enescu. Just in case you ever wondered what in the world I’m listening to, well buckle up, there’s a post on that! While most of the time I’m mainstreaming just like the next guy, there are a few steps in my musical evolution that I think crucial. To…… Continue reading Music Is My Aeroplane