What Kind of Week Has It Been

Cateva insemnari despre aceasta saptamana.   1. Posibilele invataminte si concluzii din acesta reclama sunt: a) germanilor nu le pasa de parinti aproape deloc; b) parintii germanilor sunt super naspa pentru ca: A. Nu le-au dat niciun motiv copiilor sa vrea sa-i mai vada altfel decat in groapa B. Pentru ca le fac “glume” de maxim…… Continue reading What Kind of Week Has It Been

Discuss This!

So, how was your weekend? Here’s what happened since you were out partying like cray cray. For instance, Barneys NYC though about doing this Electric Holiday thing, where you have all the fashion’s royalty as Disney characters. In case you’re tired of seeing Carine 2D in pics, now she’s a cartoon character too. Enjoy the…… Continue reading Discuss This!

The Week In Review #1

It’s been the perfect week for taking pictures: the weather cooled off, the city’s deserted by vacation-goers and long-time-no-see friends were in town for festivals, drinks and catching-up. It was Gaga appreciation day on Thursday, but for a few more snaps of the event you should check out the Facebook page. Sophia was wearing the…… Continue reading The Week In Review #1