Avanpremiere or What Alex Tunsu is Cooking

Photos by Dana Paun. Boys and girls, Avanpremiere is happening tonight and look what Alex Tunsu sent my way! Gorgeous, right? Of course I won’t mention being hot as hell underneath all that pretty wool dress, since it’s part of the Fall/Winter collection. And i won’t mention that I’d probably be wearing it tonight, if…… Continue reading Avanpremiere or What Alex Tunsu is Cooking

Lightaholic x The Corner

Photos by Lightaholic Last week I got one particular e-mail that made me giddy. Catalin, aka Lightaholic is one of the best street style photographers I know and he wanted to shoot a few with me. Just like I do with invitations to bars, I said yes, and there’s a bit of the result down…… Continue reading Lightaholic x The Corner