Why Peroni Will Always be Cool

Remember how last Saturday Peroni Collaborazioni debuted it’s designer& blogger collections? If you missed that, you might wanna pay special attention to this, because this project just keeps getting better and better! This time designer Mihai Dan Zarug and Claudiu Enescu of Mauvert/ Kinga Varga& Ana Morodan / Nadia Popescu of Portobello & Irina Markovits…… Continue reading Why Peroni Will Always be Cool

The Roaring Night

Last night we all got to see All Hollow’s boat sail onto the stormy waters of the publishing world. To bid it fair weather, busty mermaids and sneaky maidens everyone was there. Robin& The Backstabbers sang, Aylin Cadir as well, and it was one kick-ass event that you should’ve probably attended, if you haven’t. No…… Continue reading The Roaring Night