“I’ll be back!” said Neon to the World.

Ph: Ioana Enescu. In caz ca ati uitat vara lui 2012 si, partial, vara lui 2013 ei bine, va reamintesc cum au stat lucrurile: treaba a fost excentrica: partial un trip LSD, partial o scena din Back to the future. Dar preoponderent cool. Daca ati ales sa stati pe tusa cu trendul neon, asa cum…… Continue reading “I’ll be back!” said Neon to the World.

Those What iWores

You know how the saying: “Shooting days go by, but selfies stay forever”? Which is true in more cases than none and you can’t beat such logic. So since, there’s nothing better than documenting your own outfits, I recently started doing just that. Here’s  a small sample of it, but since I wear clothes every day, the…… Continue reading Those What iWores

Everyone Who Knows Us Knows

Photos by the ColorStalker. Long time, no see! Well, like all good things, the winter cosyness makes you dull, silly happy and utterly inefficient. So here we are, spring in our step (get it? it’s a pun) and poise in our heels, let it be spring once again and let me post a tad more…… Continue reading Everyone Who Knows Us Knows

Making a List, Checking it Thrice

Photos by Dana Paun. Since snow is upon us, let’s start making some Christmas plans, mkay? Sure, grinches will grinch: “It’s too soon for Christmas!” “We’re not yet done with fall!”but thing is…we’re all suckers for Christmas. And you know who hates early Christmas prepping? Bad people! So put on your red and white puffy…… Continue reading Making a List, Checking it Thrice

Lightaholic x The Corner

Photos by Lightaholic Last week I got one particular e-mail that made me giddy. Catalin, aka Lightaholic is one of the best street style photographers I know and he wanted to shoot a few with me. Just like I do with invitations to bars, I said yes, and there’s a bit of the result down…… Continue reading Lightaholic x The Corner


Photos by Ioana Enescu. Have you noticed how after prolonged periods of wishing for something so bad it makes you a bit nauseous, after getting it, you’re a bit ”eh”? See, this never happened with these boots. Margiela x HM was surely a stretch, since it was one of those times I had to fight…… Continue reading Desirability