Making a List, Checking it Thrice

Photos by Dana Paun. Since snow is upon us, let’s start making some Christmas plans, mkay? Sure, grinches will grinch: “It’s too soon for Christmas!” “We’re not yet done with fall!”but thing is…we’re all suckers for Christmas. And you know who hates early Christmas prepping? Bad people! So put on your red and white puffy…… Continue reading Making a List, Checking it Thrice

Discuss This!

This has been a looooooong week, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now and in case you’ve no idea what to talk about with your girlfriends over croissants and orange juice, here are your brunch topics. Events are pouring over these days, helping you out with the holiday gifting situation (because you, like me, surely…… Continue reading Discuss This!