Vara pe Insula

Cum spasit recunosteam intr-o postare anterioara, in vacanta am trait in costumul de baie. Din pacate se pare ca am mintit, va uitati chiar la dovada… am facut “efortul” de a ma acoperi totusi, din cand in cand. Am pastrat insa aceasta rara intamplare doar pentru lucruri foarte simple si usor de purtat. In acest sens, un…… Continue reading Vara pe Insula

Band of Creators, Toamna-Iarna 2014

Band of Creators continua buna traditie a prezentarii colectiilor selectionate pentru toamna-iarna ale designerii pe care ii reprezinta, intr-un show care se anunta chiar mai fun decat precedenta incursiune in Tara Minunilor. Ceea ce face aceasta prezentare deosebita este ultima “achizitie” in portofoliul BoC: Ioana Ciolacu, castigatoare a premiului Designer for Tomorrow si over-all unul dintre cei…… Continue reading Band of Creators, Toamna-Iarna 2014

Everyone Who Knows Us Knows

Photos by the ColorStalker. Long time, no see! Well, like all good things, the winter cosyness makes you dull, silly happy and utterly inefficient. So here we are, spring in our step (get it? it’s a pun) and poise in our heels, let it be spring once again and let me post a tad more…… Continue reading Everyone Who Knows Us Knows

Making a List, Checking it Thrice

Photos by Dana Paun. Since snow is upon us, let’s start making some Christmas plans, mkay? Sure, grinches will grinch: “It’s too soon for Christmas!” “We’re not yet done with fall!”but thing is…we’re all suckers for Christmas. And you know who hates early Christmas prepping? Bad people! So put on your red and white puffy…… Continue reading Making a List, Checking it Thrice

Let’s Brunch, Part Deux

Photo via Mauvert. If noone stops me with this French stuff, things are going to get nasty when we get to episode 131, because I can’t count that high in francais… Here it finally is! It’s been a looong time coming: a new episode of Let’s Brunch. We’ll be having a fresh one out of…… Continue reading Let’s Brunch, Part Deux