Alexander Wang x HM. A story in pictures.

Ah, finally, cateva imagini cu noua colectie! Imi faceam separante ca va fi o reeditare de greatest hits, insa hit-ul principal pare a fi colectia designeului de primavara-vara 2013. Nu neaparat un lucru rau, dar dupa atata sportivitate infuzata in perfuzia asta numita fashion, poate ca aceasta colaborarea avea sansa sa ne dea un respiro. Alas, not…… Continue reading Alexander Wang x HM. A story in pictures.

H&M Autumn 2013 Collection or What’s For Dinner

You didn’t miss it, did you? H&M Autumn 2013 collection? If you did, here are the pictures via Grazia and my 2 cents on the matter: it’s easy and wearable. It won’t break the bank (Topshop Unique does break the bank for regular Topshop customers, so H&M just scored some major point for being considerate).…… Continue reading H&M Autumn 2013 Collection or What’s For Dinner


Photos by Ioana Enescu. Have you noticed how after prolonged periods of wishing for something so bad it makes you a bit nauseous, after getting it, you’re a bit ”eh”? See, this never happened with these boots. Margiela x HM was surely a stretch, since it was one of those times I had to fight…… Continue reading Desirability

Discuss This!

Pedro Lourenco Ladies (and gents, oh, how I hope there are some gents) let’s discuss brunch topics. You know, you’ve already Facebooked, Instagramed and Whatsapped the hell out of your BFF all week long, so you know what he/she wore, what he/she bought, who he/she saw and where he/she went. So I’ll help break that…… Continue reading Discuss This!