Band of Creators, Toamna-Iarna 2014

Band of Creators continua buna traditie a prezentarii colectiilor selectionate pentru toamna-iarna ale designerii pe care ii reprezinta, intr-un show care se anunta chiar mai fun decat precedenta incursiune in Tara Minunilor. Ceea ce face aceasta prezentare deosebita este ultima “achizitie” in portofoliul BoC: Ioana Ciolacu, castigatoare a premiului Designer for Tomorrow si over-all unul dintre cei…… Continue reading Band of Creators, Toamna-Iarna 2014

The Winner Of All Things

This past few weeks saw the progress of an exciting competition hosted by Peek& Cloppenburg and patroned by Stella McCartney: Designer for Tomorrow. There were a few up-and-coming designers there, the best young talented available in Britain. Amongst them was the seriously talented Ioana Ciolacu, who you’ve seen featured on here three times already, and…… Continue reading The Winner Of All Things

I’ll Have Seven Sins. Do You Take Cards?

Photos by Ioana Enescu. I’ve started preaching the Gospel according to the Savvy Buyer- denouncing all Impulse Shopping and worshiping at the shrine of Build-Your-Wardrobe. So there aren’t many trendy, oh-so-now items hanging in my closet- I found some shortcuts to by-pass trends without looking boring. A nail polish here, a necklace there, accessories tie it all together and (hopefully)…… Continue reading I’ll Have Seven Sins. Do You Take Cards?