Let’s Brunch, Part Deux

Photo via Mauvert. If noone stops me with this French stuff, things are going to get nasty when we get to episode 131, because I can’t count that high in francais… Here it finally is! It’s been a looong time coming: a new episode of Let’s Brunch. We’ll be having a fresh one out of…… Continue reading Let’s Brunch, Part Deux

Why Peroni Will Always be Cool

Remember how last Saturday Peroni Collaborazioni debuted it’s designer& blogger collections? If you missed that, you might wanna pay special attention to this, because this project just keeps getting better and better! This time designer Mihai Dan Zarug and Claudiu Enescu of Mauvert/ Kinga Varga& Ana Morodan / Nadia Popescu of Portobello & Irina Markovits…… Continue reading Why Peroni Will Always be Cool