The Art of Keeping it Simple and Making it Work

It seems like it was only a few years ago that we were tuning into our bookmarked blogs and fashion news outlet hungry for the now famous street style photos that fashion month always bestowed on us. But, like a rare Pterosaurs, great street style at fashion week came and went and only a few…… Continue reading The Art of Keeping it Simple and Making it Work

Lightaholic x The Corner

Photos by Lightaholic Last week I got one particular e-mail that made me giddy. Catalin, aka Lightaholic is one of the best street style photographers I know and he wanted to shoot a few with me. Just like I do with invitations to bars, I said yes, and there’s a bit of the result down…… Continue reading Lightaholic x The Corner


Photos by Ioana Enescu. Have you noticed how after prolonged periods of wishing for something so bad it makes you a bit nauseous, after getting it, you’re a bit ”eh”? See, this never happened with these boots. Margiela x HM was surely a stretch, since it was one of those times I had to fight…… Continue reading Desirability

I’ll Have Seven Sins. Do You Take Cards?

Photos by Ioana Enescu. I’ve started preaching the Gospel according to the Savvy Buyer- denouncing all Impulse Shopping and worshiping at the shrine of Build-Your-Wardrobe. So there aren’t many trendy, oh-so-now items hanging in my closet- I found some shortcuts to by-pass trends without looking boring. A nail polish here, a necklace there, accessories tie it all together and (hopefully)…… Continue reading I’ll Have Seven Sins. Do You Take Cards?