In-between Weather, I <3 You

All photos Ioana Enescu. It’s almost annoying to be reminded that little over a month ago it was blizard-ing the hell out of us and now look, shorts, T-shirts, silk dresses! That aside, I’m embracing, even for a short while, this in-between weather that allows you to wear shorts and boots, like in those lovely…… Continue reading In-between Weather, I ❤ You

Discuss This!

So, how was your weekend? Here’s what happened since you were out partying like cray cray. For instance, Barneys NYC though about doing this Electric Holiday thing, where you have all the fashion’s royalty as Disney characters. In case you’re tired of seeing Carine 2D in pics, now she’s a cartoon character too. Enjoy the…… Continue reading Discuss This!